• The Birkenhead Point Art Project - Jo Neville


    Jo Neville
    Jo Neville is the artist behind Sydney based creative studio, Paper Couture, which creates one of a kind retail displays, event decor and art installations. With a degree in Graphic Design from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Jo's design approach is grounded in her art background. Couture installations and displays are always innovative, original and impeccably crafted. Past clients include Perrier Jouet, Icebergs, Parlour X, H&M, Moët Chandon, Brother, Magic Millions, Donna Hay Magazine, Inside Out Magazine, Vogue Living, as well as others.

    ‘Dark Florals’ Artwork

    The inspiration behind her dark floral installation is the transition from Winter into Spring. Just as the fashion seasons ebb and flow, we see this in nature as we Sydney-siders commute daily and the leafless trees are about to burst their glossy buds into flower. Jo’s artwork tells the story of trans-seasonal Sydney in both fashion and florals, a bare branch is mounted with tiny paper buds that transform into giant burgeoning petals. The dresses evolve along the wall and the dark romantic tones are highlighted with glimpses of honest and sweet pastels. Made entirely from paper, this artwork is representative of the fervour and ever transient phenomena that is fashion, art and nature.

    "As a paper artist I have always been fascinated in turning something of one dimension into something three dimensional. Paper is not fragile - you can drop it and it will not smash. It can be torn, scrunched, folded and even coloured. For me to make paper flowers it is just that, a flower made out of paper, inspired by nature in the anatomy of a flower, its proportions, its shape, its colour, its texture, has been my inspiration to create something so organic but still holding the paper hero. Showing how a tear or scrunch can mimic the most organic quality of the flower form yet illustrating the nature of the figure. What some people see as a mistake, a simple tear can create the gesture of a fragile flower petal edge. My favourite paper to work with is brown paper; for its rawness, the fact that it is unbleached, recycled.” 

    “In this installation I am fascinated by the scale that one can create a beautiful bloom out of paper the mimics not just the form of nature but the human form through its curves and perfect imperfections - appropriately made from brown paper, the most commonly used material retailers use to bag their sales in."

    What do flowers have to do with fashion?

    Everything. There’s a turn towards beauty, in every collection across every label and on every runway all over the world. They give us a sense of romanticism and return to nature. Cross culturally and trans seasonally flowers restore a virtue we all can’t get enough of, in our homes, on our linen, our furniture, clothing accessories and even our hair Flowers speak to everybody.

    Photo credit: Josh Wyatt

    Art Curators Art Pharmacy Consulting
    Website www.artpharmacyconsulting.com
    Social Media @artpharmacy

    Collaboration with Digital Art Specialist Vandal

    VANDAL has been commissioned to create algorithmic digital art for the new Flinders Gallery Digital Screen. Working in conjunction Art Pharmacy, curators of the window display, the digital art draws inspiration from Sydney-based artist Jo Neville’s large scale floral work.

    Says VANDAL Creative Director, Emile Rademeyer, “VANDAL is extremely excited to be part of The Birkenhead Art Project. Workin with Art Pharmacy we believe the art strategy is a key attraction to Birkenhead Point and show how physical and digital art can compliment each other.”

    Digital Art Vandal
    Website www.vandal.sydney