Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre at Drummoyne, is the only place in Sydney where you can shop whilst enjoying the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour and browse through a huge range of your favourite fashion, food and lifestyle brands.


Historical Timeline


Birkenhead Point is Sydney's original factory outlet centre, a site rich with heritage; the development of Birkenhead Point can be dated back to the early 1800's. More recently, Birkenhead Point is renowned for offering top designer labels at up to 70% off regular retail prices.


John Harris was granted 1500 acres including the area in which Birkenhead Point is situated today. At that time, the area was known as Kangaroo Point.


The land was sold to Samuel Lyons, who subdivided the land and sold off the lots.


Dutton bought the 50 acre lot, which is the present Birkenhead Point site, and turned it into a brick making business site among other various uses.

March 1841

Dutton was sued for debt and his assets were liquidated.

July 1843

Charles Abercrombie occupied the site building Abercrombie's Racecourse which held steeplechase horse races. Abercrombie later eveloped the site into a boiling-down and salting works.

1853 - 1855

The boiling down works were no longer profitable and ceased operation. The site was subdivided as the Birkenhead Estate of Waterside allotments; however, this venture was also unprofitable.


Abercrombie then sold the land to George S. Caird. 23 January 1882: Caird sold the land to the Excelsior Land Investment Company and Bank Ltd.


Brothers Henry and George Perdriau bought the site off the Excelsior Land Investment and Bank Ltd. to manufacture rubber engine packing for their local ferry service.


Henry Perdriau established the Perdriau Rubber Company Ltd. This business later expanded to include the production of tyres, footwear and other rubber products. The factory was so successful it eventually expanded over the 7.7 hectare site.


Perdriau Rubber Company Ltd was merged with Dunlop Rubber Company, and the site was then known as Dunlop Rubber Factory.


The site was sold to David Jones Pty Ltd for $21 million.

1976 - 1979

The Dunlop Rubber Factory was converted into a shopping centre. Early 1980s: The shopping centre complex site was bought by A.M.P. Society.

1984 - 2004

The site changed owners several times during this 20 year period, and was acquired by developers including a Singaporean developer Mr. Ho Wye Tong and City Development Ltd.

December 2004

Jen Retail Properties bought the site with the intention to redevelop Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre.

October 2009

Birkenhead Point relaunched as Sydney's largest and premium Outlet Centre.

November 2010

Abacus Property Group and Kirsh Group purchased Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre and Marina.  Their  vision is to deliver an enhanced outlet shopping experience, with a higher quality of retailer, given the centre's outstanding waterfront location which places it in a class well above its peers.