The DRIVE retailer support program is designed to assist and support our retailers to realise their full sales potential

Mirvac is committed to continuously working with retailers to ensure that they are profitable in our Shopping Centres.

Our DRIVE program will provide your store with the tools, education, skills and support to help drive your sales and have a defined impact on your stores performance.

Drive is more than just a marketing initiative it is a true point of difference for Mirvac Retail. We also want present our customers with a quality retail experience.

Mirvac is committed to working with our retailers to ensure that our customers are getting the best possible retail experience in our Shopping Centres.


Birkenhead Point has 5 DRIVE programs

Retailer Information Booklet

The DRIVE programs are designed to assist in maximising retailer sales in collaboration with centre management teams.   

Get ready to...

DRIVE your Sales

DRIVE your Team

DRIVE your Business

DRIVE your Message

DRIVE your store

Download the Retailer Information Booklet for further information about the DRIVE program.


Retail Tactics

Francis Loughran

Future Foods
Founder & Managing Director

Francis is a considered futurist when it comes to what people will be eating and drinking and how they will be spending their leisure time in 2020 and beyond; this is well documented in his Shopping Centre News (SCN) articles and keynote speaker roles at national and international conferences.

Five Simple Tips to Maximise Sales of Your Food and Beverage Outlet

Superior Service Starts with Staff training

5 Future Foods Marketing Tips

Amanda Stevens

Speaker, author, consultant and global Expert on Retail Marketing, the Customer Experience and the future of consumers.

Amanda has been inspiring audiences in 16+ countries for over ten years on the speaking circuit providing some great insights on a whole range of topics from improving in-store engagement, managing online reviews and more.

Business Detox

Negative Online Reviews

Kick Start your Retail Marketing

In Store Engagement

Retailer Newsletters

The Point

Birkenhead Point distributes a regular Newsletter for retailers of the centre that keeps you fully up-to-date on upcoming promotions, retail trends, centre news and trading information.

Click on the links below to view the latest issues of The Point.


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November 2018

Ticketless Parking

Coming this April 2019

Birkenhead Point is introducing Ticketless Parking in April 2019. The new parking system is designed to provide quicker and easier access in and out of the car park without the need for paper tickets or access cards.




Pre-registrations for retailers are now open. Please visit to register. All staff are required to register prior to the 10 April otherwise customer rates will apply.




 For more information and FAQ's click here.