3 Interior Styles to Inspire You




The last few years have seen a heavy focus on matte and copper accents, playing out heavily in tapware and lighting. Moving towards truer golds for an updated look reads sophistication and a touch of luxe. Crisp golden highlights will add a high-shine appeal to wooden, natural pieces.





Bold colors are are great way to make a statement and contrasts to any neutral base. Think navy blue, deep red, and burnt orange to really bring some excitement into the room. Bringing bold colors into a room is all about creating balance. Make sure to pair your bold shade with calmer, neutral hues like white or gray. Use your bold color sparingly, either as a statement piece or an accent.





Lotta Lundaas, who is the CEO & Founder of Norse Interiors, explained earth tones are going to dominate next year. “When it comes to colors, the gray monochrome trend is on the way out and instead we’ll see all versions of sand and earthier colors likeochre, burnt gold, and terracotta.”