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Picnic essentials to spread the love

Make a WOW-worthy platter


What is a good recipe for an epic picnic at the park?

1. Good mates

2. Good music, and  

3. Good food of course!


Here are some inspirations to get your creative, flavoursome, shareable platters to take along to your next picnic date.


Believe it or not, you don't need to be a visionary to create a memorable charcuterie board, and same applies to all sharing platters! Breaking up your board into categories then choosing the ingredients is the most important step to making a platter to impress your friends and family. 


Some ingredients you may want to consider include:

Savoury Board: Sweet Board:

πŸ’› Cold meats: Proscutto, Jamon, Salami πŸ’– Mini Marshmallows
πŸ’› Cheese πŸ’– Wafer Sticks
πŸ’› Cracker πŸ’– Hot Chocolate (Store in a thermos to keep warm!)
πŸ’› Jam πŸ’– Biscotti
πŸ’› Bread πŸ’– Scones
πŸ’› Pickles πŸ’– Croissants
πŸ’› Fruit πŸ’– Nutella & Jam
πŸ’› Honeybomb πŸ’– Donuts
πŸ’› Hummus πŸ’– Strawberries (dipped in chocolate for an extra sweet treat!)
πŸ’› Nuts πŸ’– Blueberries
πŸ’›Seafood πŸ’– Jam Drop Cookies


Take turns creating your favourite Fruicuterie, Spanish Tapas or the Burrata Cheese board and book in the next picnic date! 



Meet Maddie from I am Board, showing us how you can create a beautiful spread at home! 




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