Your Local Legend, Zeynep

Meet Zeynep one of the Pharmacists from Chemist Warehouse! Get to know this Local Legend who has continued to serve our community throughout the pandemic.


What is the first thing you will do when lockdown ends?  
Definitely Shopping!! I have a ‘post-lockdown fund’ that will be ravaged during the first week of freedom. Most of that will probably be spent at Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre! Hopefully border restrictions will ease soon after so I can visit family in other states. 

What are you grateful for during these challenging times? 

I think most people would agree that during these challenging times we have learnt to appreciate the smaller things in life. A simple walk in the park, a gentle smile from a customer or a free coffee from the cafe makes all the difference. 


What do you love the most about your job and business? 
Chemist Warehouse has been extremely supportive in the last few months. From fruit baskets to doughnuts, we have been spoilt by the company and sometimes even feel like we are living a ‘normal’ life. I have seen my staff more than family and I can not say how grateful I am to have their smiles greet me in the morning. 


How do you stay connected with your customers during lockdown? 
Most of our customers have opted to use our Click and Collect or Delivery Services during lockdown so unfortunately we don’t get to see their lovely faces. Our senior customers do call us regularly for us to organise a delivery though. We do use this time to ask how they are doing and do everything we can to ensure they don’t need to leave their homes unnecessarily. From free hand sanitisers to little sample bags, we have tried to keep our customers happy by surprising them with messages and free gifts. Even if it puts a little smile on their faces it has been well worth it!


If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose? 
Provided I don’t gain any weight, id probably say Pizza! I can survive life without chocolate but being Mediterranean, life without bread is unheard of!


Chemist Warehouse is currently offering fast delivery, click and collect and is open walk-ins for essentials. Open Monday - Wednesday 9am-6pm; Thursday 9am-7:30pm; Friday - Sunday 9am-6pm. Visit the Chemist Warehouse website or call 02 9719 1989 to check availability and place an order.